With a history of more than half a century, we are the Tekfen family.

Embracing a tradition of success, our team has completed over 360 projects all around the world since the day it was founded, in the spirit of a relay race. Today, the honour and responsibility of carrying the baton is ours.

The true reason behind our success is the continued qualitative growth of our team ever since the first years.

Big teams are not assembled easily; they require time, sacrifice, and experience. The Tekfen team has been shaped by the experience passed on through generations, combined with Tekfen's corporate culture. This big team has had big successes.

With the awareness of being an established, respected, and leading institution of our industry both in Turkey and abroad, the faith in a stronger future, and the support of our team, which is the real source of our strength, we will continue to value people, creating works that add value to life and capturing the future in the process.